Chairman’s Message

On this occasion, I am pleased to have formed Al Mazaya Group in thanking the company’s employees achieving strong financial, expanded the breadth and depth of its offering, introduced innovative, proprietary products and services, and added to its enviable roster of customers. We have closely aligned employees’ interests with our customers’. The management has taken a leadership role in assuring that Al Mazaya Group employees are provided regular training in the myriad and complex rules governing how the company conducts its business across Qatar and the rest of the world. Online, interactive training and regular communications assure that our written policies regarding ethics and compliance are not merely concepts, but living guidelines in which our employees are regularly schooled. Our customers and other stakeholders deserve nothing less. We continue to work as a team to set Al Mazaya Group strategic direction and remain committed to providing active counsel and oversight toward the goal of creating value for our customers, stakeholders and a like. Sincerely,

Jassim Al Binali, Chairman


CEO Message

We are in Al Mazaya group one team, despite the strong competition here in Qatar with other companies, we have been able to exist within the market in short term and this is due to the singularity in the style of work, in addition to the creativity of the outstanding team of professionals.

The great success that we have achieved in the past few years is due to a group of elements which including; Professional Team work Customers satisfaction Creativity Social responsibility We believe that we are able to move forward to achieve our customers goals.

Muthanna Al Nayef , CEO


Our vision

To become the best in the Qatari market in order to achieve a better quality services for a better life.


Our mission

To contribute to the improvement of services in the Qatari market, by providing the best services with the latest methods in accordance with the laws of the market.


Our goal

To build a strong relationship with our customers and provide the highest services to them.